Foreign Currency

Foreigners are recommended to bring US Dollars into Myanmar because they are easily exchangeable to Myanmar Currency (Kyats) at Private Banks and authorized money changers. Euros and Singapore Dollar may also be exchanged into Kyats at authorized money changer. Please be warned that torn, dirty and stained notes might not be able to accepted at Bank but it could be changed by less price at Authorized Money Changer.

Credit Cards

Nowadays , Credit Cards (Visa /Master) are acceptable in Hotels , Restaurants and Shopping Mall. It is also withdrawal Myanmar Kyats by ATM Machine in major destinations in Myanmar.

Myanmar currency is known as “Kyat” which comprises 100 pyas.


Notes : Kyat 10000, Kyat 5000, Kyat 1000, Kyat 500, Kyat 200, Kyat 100, Kyat 90, Kyat 50, Kyat 45, Kyat 20, Kyat 15, Kyat 10, Kyat 5, Kyat 1. Coins : Kyat 100, Kyat 50, Kyat 10, Kyat 5, Kyat 1, Pya 50, Pya 25, Pya 10, Pya 5, Pya 1.