1. All Nationalities from the world who handle valid passport, can apply Visa On Arrival in Myanmar.
(Effective from 03 May 2010, Form available at the specific website, on Board and Airlines).

2. Passport must be left at least 6th Month validity on guests Arrival Day.

3. Visa on arrival fees must be directly paid in the Immigration Office at the Yangon Airport and Mandalay Airport only as following:
(a) Tourist Visa: 30 USD
(b) Business Visa: 40 USD
(c) Social Visit Visa for Relations: 40 USD
(d) Transit Visa: 18 USD

4. Bring along with 4×6 cm of two photos and have to take at least 300 USD or equivalent Money.

5. Travelers, who are going to visit Family Group, have to bring at least 600 USD or equivalent Money.

6. All Travelers have to stay Government Authorize Hotels and Motels in Myanmar.

7. All VOA Travelers are not allowed to visit Restricted Areas in Myanmar.

8. All Travelers must be presented Return Ticket from Myanmar.

9. If there is overnight stay at home of the relatives, the travelers must be inform their staying Hotel or Travel Agency.

10. All VOA Travelers are allowed their stay in Myanmar according to the type of Visas.
(a) Tourist visa allowed 28 days stay in Myanmar and non extensible.
(b) Business Visa allowed 70 Days stay in Myanmar and Extensible.
(c) Social visa is allowed a 28 Days stay in Myanmar and it is extensible.
(d) Transit visa allowed 24 Hours stay at the Airport.